Grown man chokes out kid after heated Call of Duty session

I debated for a while if I even wanted to touch on this seeing how most gaming websites already reported on this, but the more I thought it the more I felt that I had to. After all the gang behind this site are all gamers (most of us) and in the long run we all know what’s going to happen. That’s right, video games and gamers will get the bad end of the stick.

So basically this nut job, Mark Bradford,is reportedly also unemployed (get a job!) was home playing some Call of Duty: Blackops on the PS3 when he seemed to met his match. A 13-year old was besting that day and instead of being a man, Mark could not take it. To make the mattes worse the child who was kicking his ass in a game was staying at a friend’s house, a friend who Mark knew the mother of that friend… and their address. That’s when Mark lost it. He stormed over to the location where the 13-year old was and promptly began to choke him out, thankfully however the mother was home and was able to put Mark of the child. After the assault Mark simply walked away, however he now faces a aggravated assault charge with sentencing to start on October 24th.

Strangle enough Mark has since apologized for the incident and has stated that the kid is actually pretty decent and that they still play online together.  Glad to see that he though nicely about he kid that he only waned to choke him, I’d hate to see if he really hated the boy.

Now my issues with this all…. You’re a freaking 46-year old man, if you can’t take a little naming calling and trash talking then you shouldn’t playing games online and definitely not with a headset and with kids. Just put the damned controller down and walk away, it’s as simple as that. You disgrace all gamers when you pull crap like this, but thankfully you don’t go find the kid and put a bullet in him like some other idiots. Now on the same token there needs to be come accountability for behavior of people online, including you smart ass mouthed kids. Let this be a lesson that just because you’re playing on the internet that someone can’t find you, cause the case of this being untrue are piling up. Any fool can be an E-thug and talk trash, but it takes a real gamer to know when to talk and when to stop. Actually I take that back, it takes a real human with common sense to do that.

Thank you Deadpool, thank you!

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