Catching up with Triforce at NYCC’11

During the 2011 New York Comic Con we had a chance to met with Matt Marone from Triforce (No not from Zelda).  Triforce is responsible for creating 1:1 replica’s from video games, feature films, comics, animation and television. I’m sure you’ve seen the Triforce replica of the Gears of War COG Lancer that was given to Ice-t, yep these guys made it.  Basically if you want a life sized replica of what you see in the game, then Triforce is where you want to get them from.

Well during the Comic Con we were able to chat with Matt Marone and we snapped some pictures of the announced Mass Effect 3 M-8 Assault Rifle and Warhammer 40K Chainsword. The Mass Effect 3 M-8 Avenger Assault Rifle is currently available for preorder now via their website and Matt mentioned it will start shipping in time for the upcoming holiday, so it’s a prefect gift for any Mass Effect fans you may know. I hope my wife is reading this, hint hint! As for the Warhammer Chainsword, pre-orders for this will be in shortly however there isn’t a confirmed pricing for it, so get those wallets ready.

While those were the new announcements don’t forget that they also have the Gears of War 3 Snub Pistols up for pre-order as well and they also will be shipping in time for the holiday season. You can still pick up the Gears of War 3 Marcus Fenix Epic Scale Busts from their website, however the Gears of War 3 COG Lancer’s are sold out, so you’re out of luck with that.

Thanks for the chance to speak to you Matt and I can’t wait for the release of the Chainsword, being a huge Warhammer 40K fan and all! I must have it!

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