Got some spare cash and want to play Counter Strike: Global Offensive?

Did you make it to PAX Prime recently? No? Ok well are you a Counter Strike fan? Of course you are. Ok last question, do you have some spare cash lying around? Great then you’re in luck. Oh, sorry. You don’t know what I’m talking about? Ok, let’s start from the beginning shall well.  Valve software had a hands on with their latest Counter Strike game, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, at the recent PAX Prime. However if you were lucky enough to get the chance to play the game then Valve also gave you a card that you can use to get in the upcoming Counter Strike: Global Offensive beta. So Kudos to you if you got one.



Still lost? Ok, well the good news is not everyone who played it is either eager to play the beta or perhaps they know the valve of the all mighty dollar and as such they have put their beta access on sale on various auction sites, like Ebay. Yep, if you got the cash you can pick up your very own beta key. As of this article there are 13 keys available, ranging from $ 25 USD and up.

Why not try your hand if you gotta have it. Keep in mind that the beta doesn’t start until October, so if you do win while you will be able to start download the title, it won’t be playable until October.

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