Gears of War 3 is almost perfect

I finally got around to beating Gears of War 3 and it was one hell of a ride. I can completely agree that the latest chapter in the Gears of War series was the best today however it was not without it’s issues. I strong recommend that if you haven’t beaten the game yet to stay clear of this article as I’ll be touching on a couple of items that will spoil the game / story for you, so if you keep reading…. you’ve been warned.

(Spoilers ahead, do you want to keep reading?)

Gears of War 3 is almost perfectOk, I’ll tackle the first thing that is really bothering me about Gears 3, Myrrah or the Locust Queen. Why is it that she knows exactly where you are the entire time in the game and yet she doesn’t attack you directly but instead sends her goons after you, who fail time after time? Sure that’s just how villains are and I understand that, so I can let that pass. Though why is it that the story just kept progressing along and building the suspense like she was this huge factor and then we simply kill her off? We never found out why she looked completely different compared to the other locust, I mean she looks like an attractive mature woman, but why? Without Epic telling us anything I guess we’ll have to see if there is any DLC that will explain this. Lastly she didn’t die to the “Light Bomb” but getting stabbed in the gut killed her? Maybe she should taken some of that armor from the Armored Kantus.

Next I would say that Adam Fenix was my next head scratcher. We spent the entire game looking for him and part of Gears of War 2 wondering about him, only to have him riddle us with more statements like if he had more time or recalling E-day, but never answering them. And then theres the part where he kept injecting himself with Imulsion, but if he was working on a solution for it, wouldn’t he have keep trying the solution on himself as well? I mean if I was developing a cure I’d try it on me or a test subject constantly. Also didn’t he tell Braid he did test it? If so then why did he die? Stuff like this just really bother me;

Adam Fenix: “Marcus, I can explain about Myrrah!”
Marcus: “Not now, dad!”

Damnit… tell us then, oh wait. He died so he can’t, how convenient.

Not only that but he knew about the Locust, why didn’t he tell someone? Why was he the only person the queen went to?

What about the Imulsion? Are you telling me that Adam Fenix was the only person on the entire planet who found out that it was actually a parasite? Just him? Really?  And what the heck was on that disc that he gave Baird? Epic we need answers!

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the game. Totally the best todate but there are issues there that need to be resolved. And don’t tell me to read the damned books, if I wanted to read the books I shouldn’t have to play the game or vice versa (Like the Matrix and Matrix Online)

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