EA’s PAX East 2011 Battlefield 3 Gameplay Demo

After seeing that BattleField 3 was going to be at PAX East 2011, I was more than thrilled since that EA had announced that BattleField 3 was going to be a welcomed return to the tried and true Battlefield formula and away from the BattleField: Bad Company ways. Immediately getting to the event, the BattleField 3 booth was my first hit, though much to my dismay it was swamped (as were most popular games) so I decided to wait until Saturday for my chance of getting a view of BF3.

Saturday came and this time I was able to get in line this time as it was only about an hour wait, so I grabbed my drink and waited for my turn. Originally it seems that had to be a member of EA’s Gunclub to gain access to the booth, which didn’t seem to be the same when I visited the booth the second time. Finally making my way to the door, I was greeted by a sign stating that no videos or pictures could be taken at any time, though I don’t think that applied to major gaming press, but for me it was a no fly zone. Entering the booth was a PC that looked to be liquid cooled and running 2 video cards, the EA rep wasn’t able to tell me exactly what the computer was running, as well as a 103 inch monitor. The rep went through some BF3 info and spoke about the Frostbite 2 engine, which lead up to another rep firing up the BF3 demo.

The demo wasn’t a video but a fully playable demo. Going through the demo the rep guided the BF3 character, Sgt Black I believe (or Lt), and his squad though several scenes that included being ambushed in a wrecked parking lot by a sniper and an infantry, disarming a wired device and fighting back an ambush on a highway location. Starting off,the squad that you accompanied had to fight of an ambush that ends up taking on of the squad members down and then sending a mass of infantry your way, forcing you to hold them off. Later you were sent to a roof top to track down the sniper that attacked your squad earlier. Going prone and tracking the sniper down, you locate and eliminate the snipper…. with a RPG to the side of the building he was located at, bringing the sniper and the half the building he was in down.

Finally the demo closed with the character tracing a wire that lead into a basement and disarming the device the wire was plugged into. This part also lncluded a QCC quicktime event that required you to punch an infantry from the PLR (BattleField 3’s main antagonist group). After that event you were called to get top side as a massive battle ensued on the highway that seemed to have large part of your platoon, with heli’s laying cover fire onto the ground and into the PLR. Eventually your told to man a light machine gun as the PLR was attempting to flank you.

After manning the light machine gun it seems that you have won. That is until a tremor, that has also been laying waste to the area you located at, forces the road to erupt and caused several buildings to fall, seemingly landing either directly in front or on top of you. It wasn’t clear as to what exactly happened as the demo ended there. All in all I was very pleased with the demo and only wished that we were able to have a hands with the demo. Though only a demo, it only made me wish that BF3 was out now and the fact that there is no release announced yet only makes me weep a little.

The only thing we have to look forward to is the beta that was stated to be released (Only if you also purchased Medal of Honor). So until we hear more info about BF3 or its beta, looks like its time to fire up Battlefield 2 and imagine that it’s BattleField 3.

*Heavy Sigh*