Twin Peaks Releases Four Puzzles Hinting at New Season’s Plot

A lot about the latest season of Twin Peaks has been kept under wraps, save for the casting and that it will continue the original seasons’ story. However, in lieu of a trailer, the show has released four next puzzles hinting at what might be happening next season. Or it could just be more teasing, who knows.  

Each of these puzzles contains the solution in the video’s descriptions, so feel free to look there if you need to, but this article will be answer-spoiler-free for those who want to suss it out for themselves.

Puzzle #1


The solution to this puzzle is a quote from Dale Cooper’s dream in the early part of Season 1, a dream which is said to contain the answer to the series main question: Who killed Laura Palmer? How this quote will play out in the new season is interesting, as they resolution was said to be found in Jacque’s cabin, by some fans at least. Still, it could also mean that dream from so long ago has yet to be fully understood. The puzzle is shaped like the twin peaks for which the town, and of course the show, are named after. 

Puzzle #2


This one is in obvious reference to the Log Lady, whose log is said to know things and speak to others about secrets. Will it have more secrets to share? Will we learn more about this woman and her bizarre wooden friend? We know that Catherine E. Coulson was able to reprise her role as Log Lady prior to her passing in 2015 and will be in this new season. The puzzle is, of course, shaped like the log.

Puzzle #3 and Puzzle #4



Now, puzzle #4 might looks like #3, and that’s because it is. However, if you remember at the end of the second season, the good Dale Cooper is trapped inside the Black Lodge, and his doppleganger/BOB made it back outside to the real world. There is no indication which puzzle refers to which, nor do we know if when the show starts, the two have switched once more. Additionally, the shape might be of the ever-watching Owls, though what role they will play next season is a mystery. 

Twin Peaks returns to Showtime on May 21, 2017. 

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