No Mercy Moves Return to Killer Instinct as Ultimate Finishers; Kilgore Available Now

Back during the days of the original Killer Instinct, we had them moves called No Mercy finishers. Similar to Mortal Kombat‘s fatalities, the No Mercy finishes would let you humiliate your opponent in a number of brutal and stylish ways. Sadly, when Microsoft revitalized the IP, the No Mercy moves were left out. Since then many of the fans of the original title have been asking if and when they would make a return. Well, now we can stop asking as they’re back. And they’re known as Ultimate finishers!

Well, now we can stop asking as they’re back. And they’re known as Ultimate finishers!

While they aren’t called No Mercy finishers, the Ultimates finishers are basically the same thing as seen in the video below. Is it me, or is Jago working on this Goku Spirit bomb impersonation? I wonder if Orchid’s is still the same, I never did understand why she caused people to die when she did hers.

No word on when we can expect this in-game, but seeing how it was just teased, they should be coming sooner than later. 

Wait, there’s more! That new character, Kilgore. Well, he’s available as of now and is priced at $10. Half of the proceeds will go towards the tournament pools for this year’s Killer Instinct tournaments.


Killer Instinct is only playable on the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs.

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