Nintendo Switch Priced At Under $250 In Japan

We are now just DAYS away from the  Nintendo Switch reveal event. Where LOADS of details will hopefully be thrust upon us by Nintendo. However, if Nikkei is to be believed, we may already know a potential price for the console.

Nikkei states (translated by Engadget) that the console is slated to be 25,000 Yen, which roughly translates to $215 US. That’s very low when you think about it. Now, Nintendo has long held that they won’t sell the Switch at a loss, which means that it’s likely less than that prices just to make it. Now, what does this mean for the US price? Well, it’s unlikely that a direct exchange price will happen, but, it’s encouraging, as if it’s only say $250 at release, that puts it well under the prices of the other consoles, even the Wii U. In fact, $250 was what the Wii released at, and was a big part of why it sold so well.

Now, will this be the case? It’s really hard to say, Nikkei does have a good track record with its reports in regards to Nintendo consoles and handhelds, but, that doesn’t mean it’s right here. It certainly would track with a lot of rumors and reports though.

Regardless, all should be revealed in a few days, when Nintendo well and truly pulls back the curtain on the Nitnendo Switch, and tells us exactly what’s going on with it, as well as the release date, and yes, the price. Stay tuned for our coverage of the event, as well as what the team at the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast have to think of everything that’s revealed!

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