Nintendo NYC Announcing a Limited Quantity of Switch Pre-Orders for Jan. 13th?


Well, this can’t be good. I’m sure most of us are hyped about the release of Nintendo’s upcoming system, the Switch. However, this recent tweet from Nintendo NYC isn’t exactly instilling any confidence right about now. In this tweet, they go on the mention that they’ll have a limited quantity of units for pre-order.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting flashbacks to the launch of the Wii U and the more recent NES Classic. People are still trying to get their hands on an NES Classic, with no relief in sight it seems. I pray this isn’t the same case with the Switch’s launch.

I’m hoping I’m reading into this too much, yet at the same time, this was rumored to be the case. Just keep that in mind everyone, as I’m sure that Jan.13th is going to be crazy. Heck, I’m sure that even Jason, complete with hockey mask will be looking for a Nintendo Switch pre-order as well. 

Just make sure that you start scouting locations that will be doing pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch. Something tells me this is going to be sold out for quite some time.

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