CES 2017: Liquid Sky Software’s Keynote Recap

While many people are still up in arms regarding Nvidia’s recent GeForce Now announcement, Liquid Sky Software has plans of their own. For those who aren’t aware of the name, Liquid Sky Software is another pioneer in the cloud-based gaming scene. Liquid Sky Software has been running a beta in which gamers are able to test out their offering and for the most part it’s been pretty decent. I’ve only played with the beta for a limited amount of time, yet I feel that the offering has some very strong points.

Liquid Sky seems to think so as well, as they’ve recently made their new plans for the service know. I’m actually glad they finally announced their plans as I’ve had access to what was announced for a week now. I just wasn’t able to talk about it due to NDA’s and the such. There’s something exciting stuff here, including enhanced performance, 30ms latency and much more.

What I’ve done is run down what was announced at a very high level. I’ve also provided the key details below if you want to get some more information regarding what’s coming to the updated Liquid Sky offering. Keep in mind that if you sign up now, you will only see the current offering. The updates won’t be available until later during February 2017. 

Keep it here for more updates as we continue to follow Liquid Sky Software’s progress and eventually access to the new features.

In addition to the revolutionary new ad-supported model that makes free high-performance PC gaming accessible to billions across the globe, LiquidSky will roll out the following enhancements starting February 2017.


New Payment Options: The new ad-supported Free Plan will join the current premium LiquidSky Pay-As-You-Go and Monthly payment plans, both of which will become even more affordable.

More Bang for the Buck: Existing Gamer and Pro Performance Plans will double the current plans’ GPU power. The all-new Elite Performance Plan for the most discerning gamers will add four times the hardware performance previously offered during LiquidSky’s beta. Subscribers can now unleash up to 8GB of GPU vRAM, 32GB of RAM and 12 vCPU Cores.

Intuitive New Dashboard: A complete interface redesign will deliver powerful new functionality and give gamers direct access to their game libraries on any of their digital storefronts of choice – Steam, BattleNet, Uplay, Origin, GoG, etc. — as well as the LiquidSky community chat and community Twitch streams.

Full DirectX 12 Support: LiquidSky now supports DirectX 12 compatible Windows 10 PC titles and Windows Store games.

Support for USB Accessories: Complete USB pass-through support allows any USB 2.0 (or newer) device — controllers, headsets, mice, etc. — to connect seamlessly to a user’s SkyComputer.

Expanded Developer and Publisher Support: Strict anti-piracy measures enforce legitimate purchases made through existing storefronts, while the new free-to-play LiquidSky access model dramatically boosts the potential reach of AAA titles that many gamers cannot currently enjoy due to hardware constraints.

Future Support for Additional Devices and Platforms: LiquidSky unveiled its early concepts of low-cost thin clients to be introduced later in 2017 that will make it possible to play more games on more platforms.

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