Score a NES Classic From Amazon if You Live in the Right City


If you’ve been paying attention to Amazon as of late, you’ll notice they have been ticking off many of their loyal Prime subscribers. The Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition, has been proven to be a very sought out item, especially during this shopping holiday. No matter where you go, they’re hardly in stock unless you want to pay two to three times the price. It definitely isn’t getting any prettier out there and I don’t expect it to be for some time.

However, Amazon has been getting new shipments in every so often and has opted to sell those units via their new service. Amazon Prime Now, a service that is only available in a few select cities. Amazon Prime Now provides delivery within two-hours, as long as you live in those select cities. As of now that list includes Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Atlanta, Baltimore, Virginia Beach, D.C., Richmond, NY, Cincinnati, Columbus, Indianapolis, Nashville, Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland,  LA, San Diego, SF, Sacramento, Las Vegas and Phoenix.

The problem is that Amazon has chosen to sell the NES Classic only via Amazon Prime Now. Meaning that all of those other Amazon Prime members are stuck with no chance of purchasing the sought after item. This, of course, has upset quite a bit of Amazon Prime subscribers, including myself.

Amazon was perhaps the last chance for many with getting the NES Classic. Sadly, due to their current practice, you’re out of luck if you aren’t in cities that Amazon Prime Now is available in. Though, I’m sure this will net them a few extra customers, which I’m sure is the entire goal of this offer anyway. The Nes Classic hasn’t been available on Amazon for quite some time and chances are if you’re trying to get one for this shopping holiday, you likely may not get one before 2017 arrives. Good luck finding it in any brick & mortar stores for getting it in time for Christmas 2017.

Bad form Amazon, way to selectively allow only a small amount of people the chance to own an NES Classic of their very own. No, I don’t feel entitled, but as someone who’s been a member of Amazon Prime since they service was offered, I do feel slighted. Very much so.

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