Let It Die has been perhaps the only game, outside of titles that I’m reviewing, that I’ve been playing. Every since it was released for free during PlayStation Experience 2016, I’ve been smitten with the game. One part Dark Souls, one part Mad World and completely off the freaking rails. Still, parts of the game have been bugging me and there are telltale signs that things are either not complete or still needing some love. Thankfully, the team behind the game thought so as well.

As such, a new update – version, has been released and adds several functions to the game.

Ver. (December 14th, 2016)

  1. Added a “Delete” function to the reward box.
    This allows users to delete unwanted rewards so they can receive more items when their Buffalo Bank and SPLithium tank are full.
  2. Gated battle issue fixed.
  3. In specific areas in the Amusement Park floors, gated battles with Treasure Tubers may occur. If a Treasure Tuber was not defeated and self-destructed, the gates would not open. This has been fixed to prevent players from getting stuck.
  4. Fixed an issue which would cause Fighters to fall through the floor of the Royal Elevator or otherwise freeze/crash during their ride.

While we didn’t see any new gear or changes to the painfully long loading times, the developers did address this in a recent live stream. According to the stream, they do have a roadmap in place for Let It Die and will be slowly adding new items, floors, a higher level cap for players and more.

What’s in store for Let It Die

  • Loading time decreased
  • Addition of floors
  • Addition of Weapons and Armors
  • Raising of level caps
  • New types of special enemies (you can get their weapons and armor)
  • New skill decals
  • Addition to base specification and combat mode (higher floors and new combat moves)

Still no word on when the passes will become available for purchase or for that matter, how much they will cost. I don’t know about you, but I’m down for a monthly subscription at $15 or lower. Those perks, including the free elevator rides are more than enough to keep me paying while I’m playing.

Let It Die is a PlayStation 4 exclusive title and was developed byGrasshoper Manufacture and published by Gungho. It is a free to play game with microtransactions that do not impact gameplay.

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