New Killer Instinct 3.6 Patch Confirms Killgore and Additional Characters.

The team at Iron Galaxy recently released a new video that outlines the upcoming changes to Killer Instinct. Thanks to the Killer Instinct 3.6 update, not only will the title provide several buffs, nerfs and even gold character skins, and new characters?

Yes, there will be new characters with this update!

With this update comes the announcement of several three new characters, which also includes the confirmation of Killgore. Set for a January 2017 release date, with more information to come later. No word about the two additional characters, other than the fact that the selection screen has been expanded to accommodate them. 

The Killer Instinct 3.6 update releases tomorrow for Xbox One and Windows 10.


killer-instinct-killgore-03 killer-instinct-killgore-02 killer-instinct-killgore-01

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