Geoff Keighley is back at it again with his third annual production of The Game Awards. Mostly meant to be a celebration of the hard work game developers have put forth over the past year, this event also brings many announcements and reveals. In case you weren’t able to check out the show, here’s everything that was announced during The Game Awards 2016.

Along with all of these awesome reveals and announcements, the awards were granted with some fantastic speeches and applause to accompany. You can view the results, as well as the entire show, below.


How did this show compare to last year’s? Excited for any of the announced titles? Disagree with any of the awards? Let us know in the comments.

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Mark is a student in Philadelphia currently working towards a B.S. in Information Science & Technology. Starting in 1998 with a hand-me-down PS1 and the demo for Spyro The Dragon (which he played COUNTLESS times), his love of gaming soon elevated when he borrowed Final Fantasy VII from a friend for the first time. Now he's an avid collector, a semi-expert trophy hunter, and an overall lover of video games. Favorite games are Final Fantasy VII (I know, deal with it), Metal Gear Solid 2, Resident Evil 4, Dark Souls, and Psychonauts, to name a few.