As the DC Extended Universe tries to hang on in the live-action field, the new Wonder Woman trailer proves they might have a chance to catch up to Marvel. 

The trailer opens with Diana in the modern day looking back at her  World War I adventures. She recalls saving pilot Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine, who lands near the Amazonian island home of Themyscira. The island is then attacked by other men (though whether they are allies or enemies of Trevor, it is not clear). Hearing that the world in danger and thousands are dying, Diana decides she must leave her home and help save the world. 


We get to see some of the most iconic Wonder Woman imagery, like the deflecting bullets off of her arm braces, excellent sword wielding, and thrilling acrobatics. Gal Godot has great physicality in the trailer itself, with intricate stunts, intense movements, and a swagger and confidence that screams Wonder Woman. We didn’t get to see much of her in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which was clearly a shame given what looks like to be the best actor-to-character fit. 

It still has that dark, gritty feel that all the Zack Snyder DC movies have, but director Patty Jenkins has work like Arrested Development and the Oscar-nominated Monster under he belt, giving film fans some hope. Danny Huston looks to play at least one of the big villains of the movie, potentially an incarnation of Ares.

One question that remains is who is this mystery character that is featured sporadically through the trailer? It appears she is wearing a prosthetic face mask, common for World War I, but there is no information on who the woman is, or who the actress is playing her. Based on some preliminary digging, I think might be Flor Ferraco who is credited as “Factory Worker” or Elena Anaya, who currently has an unnamed role, but it might not be her. Just one more question to hold fans over until next summer. 


Wonder Woman will premiere in theaters on June 2, 2017.

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