It was announced on Tuesday that Bandai Namco’s Naruto Shippuuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 expansion pack, Road to Boruto, would be getting a physical release in North America.  The physical release will be for both the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One home consoles as well as PC via Steam. Previous to this, a physical release of the expansion pack was only announced for Europe and Japan.  The physical release will contain the entire Naruto Shippuuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 base game, the previous three DLC releases for the main game and the Road to Boruto expansion content. The entire package will cost $49.99.

Bandai Namco describes the Road to Boruto expansion as follows:

Road to Boruto brings together the lightning-paced combat, anime-quality graphics, and epic story mode from Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 while integrating an all-new adventure chronicling Boruto Uzumaki’s exploits from Boruto -Naruto the Movie-. In addition to the new story mode, Road to Boruto will also include new playable characters for both offline and online Free Battle Mode and new fighting styles for Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha in their Hokage Naruto and Adult Sasuke costumes.

The Japanese version of the expansion is exclusive to Playstation 4 only. A digital download version of the expansion will also be available for both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One here in North America and Europe and for the Playstation 4 only in Japan. Japan will also receive limited time special content for the first run of physical releases.  From February 2 to March 1, anyone who purchases a physical copy in Japan will gain access to a downloadable soundtrack for the original base game as well as the expansion.  They will also get a reversible box cover.

The expansion will grant players the ability to play through the story of the Boruto manga and Boruto -Naruto the Movie-.  The content will include the Sasuke vs Kinshiki fight and new areas of Konoha will also unlock. 

The digital and physical copies will launch on February 2 in Japan in on February 3 in North America and Europe.  All versions of the game will come with thirteen different language options, four dubbed audio tracks as well as multiple subtitle language options.

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