Pokemon GO Update Data Reveals Potential For Johto Additions

When Pokemon GO was released, many questions were asked. Ones that didn’t concern bugs or glitches mainly focused on the Pokemon themselves. As only Generation I Pokemon were available at launch. With 5 generations to go, and another coming via Sun and Moon, many wondered when or if they would ever arrive.

Well, Dataminers have found in the latest Pokemon GO update, that there is code that reveals that not only is Ditto (one of the few Gen I Pokemon to not be in the game yet) coming, but also, there entries for #152-#251. Which is the Pokedex entries for the entire Johto Pokemon roster.

It’s important to note however, that while the data is there and CAN be used, it’s not necessarily going to be used soon. This is noticeable via the moves of certain Pokemon in the Johto roster are not there. Meaning, there hasn’t been full detail added yet.

However, this is encouraging, and all Pokemon GO fans should be eager to hear the hopeful soon announcement that Johto is coming to the game.

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