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Persona News Recap: Persona 5 Delayed until April 2017, Dual Voice, and the Casts


Persona 5 will come

If you case you haven’t heard the news, Persona 5 has been delayed again. Now, it is scheduled for an April 4, 2016 release. This was reported earlier during ATLUS’s stream this past Wednesday which you can read and see here.  This is the 4th time since the game has been delayed since it’s first announced back in 2013 with it’s teaser trailer. First to be released in the winter 0f 2014, then delayed to the Summer of 2016,  again to Valentines day of 2017, and finally to our new date of April 4, 2017.

During the stream, President of ATLUS USA Naoto Hiraoka, explained that Persona 5 exceeded their expectations and wanted this entry to be the “golden standard” of their localization team. This is further emphasized by ATLUS’ PR manager John Hardin, saying in the stream “We decided that we owed our fans the very best effort to make Persona 5 our gold standard in localization. Practically, this means redoubling our QA and localization efforts, even returning to the studio to record previously unvoiced lines.” So this means they they will go back and retake lines and add lines to the game, which I hope that includes changes in some of the pronunciations of certain names.

While it is sad that it is pushed back. It’s not all doom and gloom. It is also confirmed that they will be bring in dual voice audio to the game as free DLC. So now you have a choice from either English dub or the original Japanese dub. To clarify, to many people reacting, this is NOT the reason why the game was delayed. Again, they specifically stated that they wanted to add more lines and to make sure the game’s script was a new standard in their localization. I’m all for delaying games that need the extra polish, especially when it concerns one of your prized licenses. Look, I want to play the game too, but you cannot rush perfection. Plus it gives a chance for other games in your back log, so keep calm and move on.

We also have new videos showing off the daily living mechanics and the cast.


We first have our look of the new Velvet room, which is our prison. As for the velvet room twins Caroline and Justine, I believe it is voiced by Stephanie Sheh, though that’s just my guess. Now before you get your torch and pitch forks in regards to Igor’s voice, which is done by David Lodge (Naruto’s Jiraiya), there is a  STORY reason behind it. Yes, it’s not the original Dan Woren we know and love, but  there is a reason behind it. As for the rest of trailer, we hear  Jamieson Price (BlazeBlue’s Tager) which I guess will play Soujiro Sakura, your guardian. We also see the various activities that we are able to take, such as eating a giant burger, fishing and batting cages. Overall, Persona 5 will have many activities for you to explore and better your stats with. Now the for the cast!



You will recognize Xander Mobus as the announcer in Super Smash Bros 4 and his recent role in Shin Megami Tensei 4 Apocalypse ‘s Dagda. While we only get one voice line from the trailer, it seems to be a well fit for him. The protagonist has a pronounced personality so it will be interesting to see what other lines he says.

Ryuji Sakamoto



Let’s get it out the way. That name pronunciation irks some people, including myself. Max Mittleman (One Punch Man’s Saitama) gets the free spirit of the character and it reminds you of past best friends of Junpei Iori and Yousuke Hanamura. His open nature is something I look forward to. Now if they only get that pronunciation right.

Ann Tamaki



Erika Harlacher (Altelier Ayesha The Alchemust of Dusk’s Ayesha and DaganRonpa Goodbye Dispair’s Kyoko Kigiri) gets the tone right with Ann Tamaki. Again, she is a school model that is struggling with her own identity of being of mix nationality. However, she still maintains the spirit of a young girl who wants to have fun and help those in need. Welcome to the Persona family Erika.




Sorry Teddie but you have been replaced. Cassandra Lee Moris (Xenoblade X’s Lin Lee Kuu, Shin Megami Tensei 4 Apocalypse Toki) did and excellent job with Morgana. Got to say the cat role really fits her well and how she is able to perform as the main character mascot. Plus that meow at the end is love.

Makoto Nijima



The best girl is here: Makoto Nijima. Voiced by Chermai Leigh (Sword Art Online’s Asuna Yuki, Hyper Dimension Neptunia’s Plutia/Iris Heart) she connects with Makoto’s sense of justice. In the interview, Cherami explains that Makoto is similar to any other person, balancing both what she wants and what is expected of her. Reminds us of a certain red-haired Kirijo heiress. May not be as regal, but sure has style. Plus, FIST OF JUSTICE!

Yuuske Kitagawa


As you can hear, Matthew Mercer (Fire Emblem’s Chrom, Overwatch’s Mcree) returns to the Persona series as the artist Yuuske Kiatagawa. Again, that surname pronunciation irks me. Matthew got down the class that the role demands and it oozes posh. Funny enough you can hear his voice of Ryoma of Fire Emblems Fates here. Overall, it’s great to have him back and to hear a new take of his performance.

Hang in there Persona fans! We can get through this!

Persona 5 will be released for PS3 and PS4 on April 4, 2016.

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