I’m easily the largest Ghost in the Shell fan/critic amongst my fellow staffers. So when I found out that they were working on a live-action adaption of the series, my innermost geek cringed so hard that even Goku could feel it. I was not keen on this happening, especially after so many other animes went through the same process and the ending results were not very good. No, please don’t mention Dragonball: Evolution, please.

Though, I have to admit that the teaser that was recently released for the Ghost in the Shell flick is at least faithful to the fight  Major Kusanagi fight from the original anime. If you’re a fan of the series and haven’t seen the short, for one reason or another – do it. While the flick has a long way to go, this at least looks promising.

The live-action adaption of Ghost in the Shell is slated to hit theaters as of March 21st, 2017. I’ll be in line for sure to see how it turns out. Will you?

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