Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition To Go On Sale At Amazon Tomorrow

Nintendo’s NES Classic is easily one of the most sought out items today. Most stores don’t have pre-orders and the ones that did, were sold out on day one, leaving most people to resort to Ebay and high priced bids. Well the popular online store, Amazon, is looking to ease that strain of looking for the pint-sized NES Classic. Sorta, anyway. They’ve announced that as of 2PM PT 5/PM ET on November 11, 2016, they put up the Nintendo Classic Edition for sale.

Get a jump on the competition by heading over to the listing here and start smashing that F5 key – Tomorrow, not today!

Everyone is limited to one per person and they’ve also stated that they’ll be disabling the 1-Click Ordering for the item as well. Amazon goes on to mention that they will have very limited quantities on hand for sale, so as you can image that this is going to be messy. This is likely your best bet to get one of these gems, but you’ll need to be there promptly and fast. Once they’re gone, you may not get one anytime soon after this. Especially since Amazon doesn’t know if they’ll get any more in after they’ll all gone.


The NES Classic comes with 30 pre-loaded classic titles such as Metroid, Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Double Dragon 2, Contra and much more. It will also include one NES Classic controller and will be priced at $59.99 USD. Additional NES Classic Edition controllers can also be picked up for $9.99.

You may also want to pick up an extension cable as the one that comes attached to the NES controller is a bit short and will not make it past 2FT. This cable here is recommended.


To me, it reminds me of the Nintendo Amiibo craze that was going on around the same time last year. Oh Nintendo, why are you doing this to us? Oh, who cares, I want one and I really mean it. A blast from the past and a nice item for some family bonding – video game style.

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