Indie Spotlight: Spryke

Today, I’m talking to all of you gamers obsessed with fast-paced games that get your adrenaline pumping. You know who you are, you Super Meat Boy addicts. If you’re looking for a new, frustratingly addicting experience, Volnaiskra’s Spryke is the game for you! 

Can You Keep Up? 

Sprite  is our main character, and she was born a little different. In this world, there are two species in very different worlds: The Sporala and the Axonyke. The Sporala are a race of gentle, fish-like creatures that inhabit the ocean while the Axonyke rule the air above in a majestic civilization. The two races are barely aware of each other until Spryke, who is born a hybrid. She can’t keep up with the other Sporala until one day an earthquake causes Axonyke debris to fall into deepest part of the ocean. In these waterless structures, Spryke finds her true home. In a different, waterless environment, our little hybrid truly thrives. After this discovery, we must join Spryke on her journey to discover the secrets of the Axonyke above. 

Spryke was made to fill a gap in platforming gaming that hasn’t been filled since Super Meat Boy or Rayman Origins. After finishing SMB, developer, Dave Bleja, was disappointed by the lack of quick platformers with colorful graphics. He aimed to make a game that a kid of the 80’s would love with colorful, fun graphics and exciting gameplay. So, he describes Spryke in two ways:

Spryke is like Super Meat Boy — but without the oppressive pixelart style, and an even stronger emphasis on speedrunning…


Spryke is like the modern Rayman games — but with an increased sense of danger, speed, and adrenaline. And bubbles!

And who doesn’t love bubbles? 

Spryke is all about duality. Her name alone is a combination of the two races she comes from, and she alone, can survive in both environments. While interviewing the developer. he commented on how this is something we all can relate to on a personal level. We can all relate to trying to find our place in this world, and how that journey can sometimes be isolating and a little scary. But the journey has to begin before we can find our place, and it’s worth it! 





Welcome Volnaiskra! 

This is Volnaiskra’s first project, and Dave Bleja has been working on the project for over three years. While the team working on Spryke is up to 6 members, Dave is the only core member of Volnaiskra. The entire team is dedicated to nothing less than perfection for this project, and together they have created an colorful, exciting gaming experience. 

While Super Meat Boy was a major inspiration for Spryke, the developers always knew this game would evolve into its very own entity. They spent months focusing on just the movement in the game, and they wanted it to be like controlling a ball. The game controls more consistently and with a more gentle inertia than other games similar to this. Spryke is unique in its own way with her “insta-bubble” move and ability to ride ceiling that also set it apart. The developers have created a unique, platforming hybrid that I cannot wait to get my hands on!

Final Thoughts

I am a total Super Meat Boy and Rayman addict, so I was already on board. Aside from the excitement of the game itself, you can’t help but respect the amount of thought and work going into Spryke. This is a group of people dedicated to creating the best gaming experience that they can, and I have all the faith in the world in their vision and abilities. If you believe in their vision too, please check out their Kickstarter that ends TODAY! The developer wanted to pass along this message to all of you:

I’m confident that Spryke will be one of the most remarkable platformers of this generation. My ambition for Spryke is very high, and compromises aren’t an option. I’m here for the long haul — and I know that to be successful, making a “good” or “very good” game won’t be enough. So I have dived into this project “boots ‘n’ all” — and I won’t come out until I’ve made the most fun, gorgeous damn platformer I possibly can! There’s still a long way to go to make that a reality, but I’m very proud of how far we’ve taken Spryke already. It’s only going to get better. But to make that happen, we need funding — so please support our Kickstarter campaign!

How can you not get excited?


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