Fuller House Season 2 Trailer Reveals More Cheesy Family Drama



Oh brother, Netflix has finally come out with the Fuller House Season 2 trailer. For those who watched the first season of the show, there’s still lots of romantic drama, silly dancing, and references to the original series because that never gets old.


This season we see DJ finally making up her mind between Matt and Steve only to have both of them wind up with girlfriends. Stephanie has a potential romantic connection to Kimmy Gibbler’s little brother Jimmy, and Jackson and Ramona share a kiss on the infamous living room couch. Danny Tanner even goes through a mid-life crisis, giving us a look into the new lives of the original trio. 

Netflix even released a teaser trailer the day before to announce the upcoming trailer: 


It looks like the show will be doing a similar idea to the Gilmore Girls sequel and covering the major seasons, or at least from Halloween to New Year’s Eve. After all, the kind of cheesy, over-the-top sentimentalism that the show is best at fits best during the three months full of holidays. It looks like the whole family will be reunited at different points, both from the old cast and the new additions. 

To me, Fuller House is a show that focuses too much on its connection to the original. It never took the time to develop it’s own identity in a sea of guest cameos and repeated catchphrases. In fact, the only thing that really changed was there was an increase in dance numbers and costumes because apparently the writers didn’t know how else to fill the time. Here’s hoping that now no longer needing to bank so hard on the previous incarnation, the show can start to develop it’s own character and really explore its characters. Or it could be more pandering, which would be par for the course at this point. 

Fuller House Season 2 will be available on Netflix on December 9th. 

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