Square Enix has announced the follow up to Final Fantasy Dimensions, or Final Fantasy Legends in Japan, Final Fantasy Legends II. This title was announced to be released for both ioS and Android, meaning that Final Fantasy Legends II will be a mobile gaming affair for the time being. At the helm will be Takashi Tokita, the same person who worked on the first outing. A teaser trailer was also released for the new game, which can be seen above, but sadly did not offer any sort of gameplay elements.

So far, Final Fantasy Legends II will remain a Japanese release, but we have seen several other titles debut in the same way but finally made them over to North America. Japanese residents are already able to pre-register for the title over at the Square Enix website. Bonuses for pre-registering include access to the Tidus Phantom Stone and the Brotherhood/Fraternity sword from Final Fantasy X.

Currently, there is no set release date for Final Fantasy Legends II, but I do hope that not only do we get a North Amerian release date but also at least a Windows PC release.

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