No one likes to hear about a game being delayed and I”m sure every time we hear it, we grumble a bit. But what about when a games release date is bumped up indeed? We don’t hear that happening a lot but that’s exactly what’s happening with the 3DS Action-RPG, Dragon Ball Fusions. We recently got word that the titles release date has changed from the original release date of December 13, 2016, to November 22, 2016.

That’s a whole 3 weeks and comes right in time for the shopping Holiday / Black Friday 2016 madness!

DRAGON BALL Fusions is the latest Dragon Ball experience to appear on the Nintendo 3DS platform. DRAGON BALL Fusions is an Action-RPG game that combines fighting, customization, and item collection elements to bring the Dragon Ball world to life. The game features a huge roster of character appearances stretching across Dragon Ball through Dragon Ball Super.

It’s not the Dragon Ball Super brawler title we’re looking for, but it will do in a pinch if you’re starving for some DragonBall on the go.

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