Digital Foundry Has Launched A 4K Video Download Portal

Just about everyone knows who Digital Foundry is, right? Easily one of my more frequented channels over at Eurogamer’s and producer of some of the better videos on gaming tech analyses. Well now they’re going to be known for one more thing – access to raw 4K gaming and tech videos. In a move that makes total sense, Digital Foundry has set up a new 4k video portal that gives access to new content recorded in 4K. They won’t be removing their content from Youtube, so don’t worry. Just portal is only for downloading of the actual uncompressed files that are uploaded toYoutube. Meaning you’ll be able to enjoy that 4K content in its glory, just how it’s supposed to look. 

But don’t worry if you don’t have access to a 4K TV/monitor just yet, as you’ll still be able to vide the videos thanks to your media players being able to downscale the content. 

Of course, those files are going to be huge, which means that this doesn’t come without a price and this will be a subscription based feature. For five dollars a month, gamers will be able to access any of their current and upcoming 4K content. This is just in time for the release of the upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro, however, it will also benefit Xbox One S and PC’s just as well.

You can access their new portal by pointing your browsers over to


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