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Well, this is unexpected but fantastic news. The currently in development indie title, Death’s Gambit, will be playable at upcoming PlayStation Experience 2016.  For those who aren’t familiar with the title, it combines the 2D gameplay of Castlevania with the rogue-like elements found in games like Dark Souls. There’s even a boss fight where you fight two at the same time. 

If you’re headed out to PSX 2016, you own it to yourself to check out this game. The PlayStation Experience 2016 event runs from December 3-4, 2016.

My team and I had a chance to check it out during PAX East 2016, where we had some time to interview Adult Swim Games regarding the title. 

The game was a blast to play, which was during April 2016, so I’m sure the game has progressed a bit since then. Sadly I wasn’t able to play more than once due to the lines for the game. Originally the game was announced for the PC but is also heading to the PlayStation 4 and that’s fantastic for everyone.

In Death’s Gambit, you play as a hero who was saved from death, by Death. After which, you end up roaming the world taking down massive bosses in the pursuit of becoming an immortal being.

There’s currently no release date for Death’s Gambit for PC or PlayStation 4 as of yet. For more info on Death’s Gambit, be sure to check out the website at www.deathsgambit.com and check out their weekly Twitch Stream here.

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