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Chill Relax With Some Animal Crossing Vibes From Tenkitsune

What do you do if you’re stuck at work, it’s past Hump day but not quite Friday? Well, if you’re me then you pass the time away listening to some of the best video game remixes and originals that you can find. And boy did I find one today, thanks to @tenkitsunemusic

A remix based on an original track by Cosmicosmo, this track is just what I needed to take off the edge. Relaxing, energetic and doesn’t put me into a need to do something that I might regret. Sorta reminds me of some older school Sonic The Hedgehog tracks.

Check it out below and enjoy the rest of your work day, Friday is almost here! And once you’re done, stick around as there’s plenty of nice sounds tracks after this one .

Tenkitsune’s Soundcloud can be found here – https://soundcloud.com/skythereptilefox. Make sure you bookmark it and visit often, I know I will be.

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