Capcom Unsure About Multiplatform Ports To Nintendo Switch

When the Nintendo Switch was revealed, Nintendo was sure to show that it had the support of many major 3rd party developers. Some of which had never come to a Nintendo platform before. Others were mainstays or ones who have been supportive of Nintendo in the past.

However, as time goes on, more views about the Nintendo Switch are coming out via these 3rd party developers. The latest one is Capcom, who noted at an Investor Q&A that they are unsure if a multiplatform game release that includes the Switch would be wise.

“We are currently carrying out research with regards to multiplatform implementation of software for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on to the Nintendo Switch,” a Capcom spokesperson said “However, we do feel that there are differences in the desired direction and the play-style of the Nintendo Switch and those of the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.”

This also likely reflects doing ports of games already made to be on the Switch. Which may be because of the rumored specs of the Switch being “less” than consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One.

“At Capcom,” the spokesman continued, “we determine which platform to release a title for after considering the features of both our software and the hardware in question, believing we must bring the enjoyment of our games to their maximum potential.”

Now of course, this doesn’t stop them from making games specifically for the Switch, as many Capcom games are made exclusively for Nintendo platforms, such as Phoenix Wright and Monster Hunter. It just remains to be seen how many games Capcom will bring to the table at or after the launch of the Nintendo Switch.

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