Black Friday Deals: Snag A Steam Link For Just $19.99

Ah, Black Friday deals are simply wonderful, especially when you find something that you want for way below the MSRP. This time we’re bringing to a rather lovely fantastic deal if you’re a PC gamer who wants to expand their gaming to the Living Room or anything other room in their home. The Steam Link, a device that lets you stream games from your main gaming PC/rig, and onto a TV is on sale right now for $19.99 on Amazon. That’s 60% off the asking price!

*Update: Looks like Amazon is sold out but are honoring and still taking orders on this deal. Feel free to order it, as they won’t deduct the money from your accounts until it ships. Jump on this!*

What’s more is that the Steam Link also supports the Dualshock 4, Wii U Pro controller, Xbox 360 and even the Xbox One controllers. Gaming in the Living Room has never been so cheap, so if you have a massive Steam library and want to take it out of your office or whatever your PC is, don’t sleep on this.

Head over to the deal by clicking this link.


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