The decline of arcades has been something that has gotten more and more progressive over the years. With the rise of more power gaming consoles and even games being ported over to PC’s, many popular titles have skipped arcades completely and have been pushed into homes. And while many don’t understand the importance of this, no one game genre is affected by this more than fighting games. Many don’t have the option of playing fighting games at home, while others like the competitive nature of arcades, something that I was lucky to have during my early gaming yes. Well, it seems that two of the more popular fighting games – Street Fighter V and King Of Fighters XIV are set to get arcade releases in the near future.

Anncounced during the yearly Japanese arcade tournament, Toushinsai, Capcom is slated to bring the PC version of Street Fighter V to arcades, while SNK will be bringing King Of Fighters XIV to arcades on Taito’s new arcade system – NESICALive 2. For those wonder why Street Fighter V will use the PC edition, this is likely due to the arcade cabinet using some sort of PC to power the game. It would be cheaper as it wouldn’t need a custom board/kit to produce.

More details regarding the arcade releases will come at a later date. Definitely, some exciting news, especially since gamers have been asking for an SFV arcade release since the game was in development and even more so after the release.

Source: IPlayWinner

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