Update: Looks like this is legit. Tweets are showing up over at Twitter now, as  Twitter handle @Scarlettjen has confirmed that the studio has been closed. Per her profile, She was a producer over at United Front Games.

Sadly, it’s looking like we just lost another gaming studio – This time around it’s United Front Games. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, it definitely should as they were the team behind several amazing titles, such as Sleeping Dogs and Modnation Racers. They were also behind the development of Tomb Raider: Definite Edition for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. While there isn’t anything official as of yet, news about the company closing has been circulating over at NeoGAF. Sadly it seems that many are distraught with the possibility that they’ll never the sequel to Sleeping Dogs and for good reason. If anything, it’s worth pointing out that Square Enix owns the rights to Sleeping Dogs, so anything is possible still.

There hasn’t been any confirmation on their website or Twitter that would indicate further as of yet. As such we have reached out to United Front Games for confirmation. What’s even sadder is that  current in-development title, SMASH+GRAB, just came off of a free week and was available Early Access title. This is no longer the case, however, as Smash & Grab is no longer available for sale on Steam, which would add stock into the company shutting down. Speculation regarding United Front Games and its status was always at question after the cancellation of Triad Wars, an online multiplayer title that was meant to be a spin-off of the Sleeping Dogs world.

If this is indeed the case, then it would seem that everyone who purchased SMASH+GRAB via Early Access, could very well be out of their money.  Many have gone so far to claim that the name of the title would have a very different meaning if true.


I’m hoping that this turns out to be false, though the recent news, lack of confirmation from United Front Games and the fact that SMASH+GRAB was pulled from Steam it seems like this is legit. It’s never a good time to report on a closing of a gaming studio, more so when it’s an independent gaming studio. Part of me wants United Front Games post on Twitter that this was just a rumor and everything is right with the studio.

We’ll update as soon as we hear back from United Front Games.

Source: NeoGAF, Steam Community Forums

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