Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters Get First Evolutions Revealed

The newest trailer for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon has revealed not only new details about the game, but has revealed the first evolved forms of the Pokemon starters for the game.

Grass-type Rowlet will evolve into “Blade Quill Pokemon”, Dartrix, Fire-type Litten becomes Torracat, and Water-type Popplio becomes “Pop Star Pokemon”, Brionne.

Furthermore, two new features will be coming as well via wi-fi. As revealed by a press release:

“In Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, communication features are gathered together in the new Festival Plaza. Players will be able to see other people playing near them, or other players that are connected to the internet to battle or trade. By talking to people and listening to their requests in Festival Plaza, players can receive Festival Coins. There are cool stores to spend Festival Coins in, such as dye houses, goody shops (where rare items are sold) and even bouncy castles for Pokémon to train in. As players gather more Festival Coins, their Festival Plaza will rank up, yielding rewards and making more activities available. Players will even gain the ability to host missions, where multiple players can work together to try to achieve certain goals. Another new feature that was announced was Poké Pelago.

In Poké Pelago, Pokémon that are stored in a PC Box can explore a variety of isles, play on athletic equipment and enjoy other fun activities. If players send many Pokémon to Poké Pelago, they can develop more facilities on the isles and also develop new kinds of isles. As these isles are developed and increase in number, they will allow players to obtain items and even raise Pokémon.”

A demo will be available on October 18th, and will allow players to get to use Ash-Greninja, the Mega Evolved Pokemon straight from the anime. Furthermore, Mega Evolutions are returning for Sun and Moon, and all Pokemon who have had them in the past will have access to them now.

Pokemon Sun and Moon arrives November 18th.

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