Phil Spencer on Xbox One Japan Woes: “Japanese Gamers Prefer Games Like Persona 5 or Nioh”

Phil Spencer recently spoke with Famitsu magazine on a bevy of topics, including the Xbox One S, Project Scorpio and Xbox’s woes in Japan.

Spencer attributed the woes to gamers “preferring games such as Persona 4 or Nioh.” When asked by Famitsu Magazine about Xbox One’s lack of success, Spencer had the following to say:

A lot of Japanese gamers really seem to like games such as Persona 5 or Nioh and that is why we decided to get in touch with Japanese developers to create such games as Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey for the Xbox 360. If we plan on doing better in the Japanese game market we want to release games that the average Japanese gamer will really enjoy.

Spencer also confirmed that he has been working closely with Japanese developers, stating:

So far we have made friends with a variety of developers that then asked to create games for our system; such as Mr. Inafune Keiji with ReCore & Mr. Kamiya Hideki and the staff from Platinum Games for the development of Scalebound. We plan to talk with many other developers in order to bring more games to the Japanese market, we were happy to announce Final Fantasy XV on the Xbox One which made me extremely happy and as mentioned we plan on a lot more connections.

It remains to be seen how effective this will be in garnering sales in Japan, however with the impending release of the Xbox One S, as well as Final Fantasy XV, things might just be looking up for Phil Spencer and the Xbox brand.

Source: Play-Asia via Famitsu Magazine 


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