The Outerhaven’s New York Comic Con 2016 Recap Show

The 2016 New York Comic Con was a thing this past weekend and several members of the site were able to make it out to the show. Among them were Clinton Bowman (Managing Editor, Games and Tech), Elizabeth Lotto (Managing Editor, Content) and William Kok (Anime / Geek Culture Writer), who just happened to put together a recap of the shows. In this video they recorded, they speak about the panels they attended, the joys of navigating the floor and their overall feelings about this recent New York Comic Con. 

We also do apologise for the quality of the video, our main camera was in use and we had to use the backup camera. We’re still a small group, but we’re working on accessing more equipment for covering events.

If it seems like there’s a bit of frustration, then you would be correct. We’ve expressed out displeasure with certain items surrounding this event for the past two years. All of which are still outstanding going into this year’s event. Sadly, it seems like our one beloved event is turning more and more into a cash grab and lets of an event for the fans. Despite the fact that we’re members of the press, we’re fans. Fans who are upset about how this event is being handled.

Did you attend the event? If so, do you agree or disagree with what was spoken to in our recap? Let us know in the comments below.

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