We’re Officially Ready For Extra Life 2016. Help Us Help The Children!

Gamers, parents, friends, family and everyone else, we’re ready! We announced a few days ago that we were getting ready to enter our first Extra Life gaming event. We’re ready now, The Outerhaven crew is ready to help raise money for the children that need our help and the hospitals that provide them with that help.

To help us, go ahead and check out our Extra Life 2016 portal, which is located at Extralife.theouterhaven.net. You’ll be able to see what Extra Life is, if you’re not familiar with it, see why we’re doing this, what members are streaming ,what games will be played and all of our streams in one handy location. Keep in mind that we’re working with a few companies, so those games just might change – keep an eye on that. We’re also set for donations, you can donate directly to the team or by clicking on a streamers portrait to head over to their donation page. We’ll use a combination of both Twitch and Microsoft’s Beam to stream the event, and we’ll have plenty for all to watch. 


So join us as we game the day away, talk about stuff, maybe make a few new friends and help us raise money for a good cause. No donation is too big or too small, every amount goes to a children’s miracle network hospital that helps benefits the children. Keep that in mind and we’ll see you on November 5th, 2016. Tell your friends, tell your family… tell anybody!

About The Author

Keith Mitchell
Editor-in-chief and all-around good guy!

Keith Mitchell is the Founder and Editor in Chief of The Outerhaven. A grizzled IT professional during the day, but a passionate lover of video games after his 9-5 grid. Loves playing the Dark Souls series and has been gaming since he was 6 years old. He's 40+ now, that old guy that he is.