Official Unveiling of the Nintendo NX To Take Place Tomorrow


Nintendo has just rocked everyone’s world as they’ve just announced that we’re going to get an official glimpse of the Nintendo NX… tomorrow. Yes, while we had speculated previously that we could see the NX as soon as next week, Nintendo has gone and flipped the script. Starting tomorrow at 7AM PDT / 10AM EDT, everyone will be able to head over to and see the Nintendo NX for the very first time.

“This preview trailer will serve as Nintendo’s preliminary announcement of information regarding the platform,” as quoted by Nintendo.

Looks like it will be rather short, as the Japanese Nintendo Twitter feed as stated that the trailer will be around the 3-minute mark.

That’s not all apparently as some tweets have been making the rounds in regards to the official name being released and possibly see Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild  running on the console. So not only did we have the Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer to look forward to, we now have the official unveiling of the Nintendo NX or whatever it’s going to be called as of tomorrow.

I wasn’t even looking forward this system and I’m damned excited. That must be that Nintendo magic.

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