It’s Official, Trunks Is Severely Pissed Off In Dragon Ball Super Episode 61

In the recently release episode of Dragon Ball Super, a couple of things were finally confirmed. First off, it was speculated that when Goku Black or just Black as he’s called, was introduced that he was using Goku’s dead both. This was partially correct as Black explained that it is Goku’s both, but it wasn’t a dead body. Instead, Zamasu used the Super Dragon Balls and wished to swap bodies with Goku. He later killed the real Goku while he was trapped in Zamasu body. He then wished for immortality, which has been the main mechanic for the later episodes.

However, as of today, Goku, Vegeta and Trunks have decided to end it once and for all and have started another battle with Zamasu and Black (Or Zamasu Black) and haven’t had much luck. In the final moments of episode 61, Zamasu and Black explain why they’re doing this and they had the nerve to blame this all on Trunks. It was Trunks who had originally caused all this due to him traveling back into time during the Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks movie. He saved Goku, defeated Frieza and his father and ultimately changed the flow of time. 

Well, Trunks didn’t take too kindly to this crap and something happened. Fans of Dragon Ball Z will remember the first time that Gohan went ballistic and surpassed everyone in regards to power levels. Well, it’s Trunk’s turn – He went ballistic. First, it looked like was just going into his normal Super Saiyan, but then it just kept progressing and he shot up some sort of power beacon into the sky. Nothing came down, stop thinking that. Instead, he started glowing blue, just like the Super Saiyan Blue (SSGSS) and when he finally stopped powering up, he was an entirely different beast. A beast that made even Black, Vegeta and even Goku take notice. I’m pretty sure that he was even making the ground shake as he walked, not sure that anyone else was able to do that before.

He was surging with both a Super Saiyan aura with the Super Saiyan Blue aura underneath it. He kinda of reminds me of Brolly, with the who eye thing going and all remember how strong Brolly was. He looks pissed, yet totally awesome at the same time. Can’t wait to see what happens next week.

However, this only leads to more questions. What is going to be the name of this form? And if it is indeed some sort of SSGSS, how did Trunks manage this? He didn’t train with anyone who could help him pull this off. Are they changing the Saiyan canon again, claiming that anyone can pull off this transformation? 

Well, yes, I believe they are. If you’ve been watching Dragon Ball Super, do you recall the first tournament where Vegeta fought against universe 6’s Cabba? Cabba is a Saiyan from that universe, one who didn’t learn how to summon the Super Saiyan ability. Eventually, he learned how after Vegeta forced him to bring out this power. After which, Vegeta kicked it up a notch and brought out Super Saiyan blue, informing Cabba that he too could have that power. 

Or could it be that Trunks just turned into a legendary Super Saiyan, just like Brolly?

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