Nintendo’s Stock Falls After Nintendo Switch Reveal

Nintendo shocked the world yesterday with the reveal of the Nintendo Switch, as well as what gamers can expect from it. However, though the general fan community was very pleased with the reveal of the Nintendo Switch, some were not, primarily, investors weren’t impressed.

As revealed by the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo’s stock fell 6.5% after the announcement of the Switch. This is a stark contrast to the $1 billion dollar jump it had in market value when the announcement was teased the day prior. So, what is the reason for this drop? Well, WSJ notes that some investors felt that the Nintendo Switch lacked “enough surprises” to truly make it hype worthy.

This is fascinating, given that the Nintendo Switch video actually had quite a few surprises in the video according to fans. Including the focus on 3rd Party titles, the different ways you could play the Switch, and even the multiplayer aspect of it.

Nintendo responded to this report by stating, “We haven’t shown everything,”, meaning that the Switch may have some big tricks left to show.

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