Everyone get excited; A new Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer has been released! The trailer shows off some new (and Alola) evolutions for some new and old Pokemon. We are also introduced to two new trainers. 


Our line-up begins with Silvally, who is able to change its type depending on what item it’s holding. Neat! 


We’re also shown Hakkomo-o’s evolution into Kommo-o. (I’m going to need one of these.)


Bounsweet evolves into the sassy, final form of Tsareena. Hair flips, included! 


Most importantly, Muk and Grimer get a makeover! These rainbow slushies of a Pokemon show off their new Alola Forms. The Alola forms might be my favorite part of these announcement trailers…


We are also introduced to Captian Illima, the trial captain, and Island Kahuna Olivia and all of her rock type buddies. All of the trainers have looked really interesting so far, and I can’t wait for more!

Pokemon Sun & Moon is set to release on November 18, 2016. 


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