Indie Spotlight: Rose of Winter

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I have had a fascination for knights and dragons my entire life, but my favorite stories were those of the “underdog” knights. The knights who didn’t come from a traditional background were always way more interesting to me, and Pillow Fight’s Rose of Winter provides just that. 

In this romantic visual novel, you play as Rosemary, a young farm girl who has left home to pursue her dreams of becoming a knight. For now, she’s doing odd jobs here and there, and finds herself at the foot of Needle Mountain. It’s there where she runs into four princes who need escorting up the mountain: Kuya, Falkner, Crow, and Tirune. Which hottie will you escort up the mountain? The game features eight endings, so there is plenty to enjoy!

This game was made with the hope that everyone would be able to enjoy it. The developers used big, blocky buttons for the visually impaired and for those with shaky hands. However, the developers don’t want to stop there. Their hope is, paired with a powerful Unity engine, that they will make games for everyone to enjoy with text to speech integration and prose integration. 






Pillow Fight! 

Pillow Fight is the team behind this adorable, visual novel. The game was inspired by the hope of creating a dating game without all of the usual tropes. You won’t find any damsels in distress or pretty boys in Pillow Fight’s creation! Not only are they focused on flipping the stereotypical tropes but on bringing gaming to everyone. 

Pillow Fight is a small development team, led by Jo and Conrad, who’s special set of skills allows them produces awesome, visual novels. The lead developers are joined by some amazing inside comic artists Magnolia Porter, Aatmaja Panda, and Victoria Grace Elliot. To tie it all together, Toby Fox creates all the music for their titles. The team has two games planned to release this year, and many more on the way! Rose of Winter releases on Steam on October 10th; so go check it out today! 

Final Thoughts

What original drew me to this game wasn’t its original, adorable animation style or quirky story; instead I was interested in them making the games for all to enjoy. It makes me so incredibly happy to see developers like these making games that have the enjoyment for all in mind. Despite that, this is a fun, little team of people who are passionate about their projects, and I am so excited to see what they have to offer! Plus, who isn’t a sucker for some romance?




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