Indie Spotlight: The Adventure Pals

OK. If the image for the article doesn’t instantly get you excited for this game, I don’t know what will! What’s not to love about a sword-wielding boy exploring with his two best friends: a giraffe and a pet rock?

I’m Going On An Adventure!

Massive Monster’s The Adventure Pals is an RPG platformer where you take on the role as a young adventurer. As all great, young adventurers, you are trying to save someone you love. Your father has been taken for the sole purpose of being turned into a hot dog by the evil Mr. B, and it is your job to get him back! No good adventurer goes alone; you will be joined by Sparkles the Giraffe and your pet rock to save the day! 

The game encourages you to explore on Sparkles as you move through the five different stages and to discover all the mysteries they hold. Boss fights are also a huge part of this adventure. With baddies like the Breakfast Buccaneer, a pirate made from your favorite breakfast treats, how can you not have a good time? The Adventure Pals promotes friendship in all aspects of the game with its use of Co-op.  Like Castle Crashers, I’m sure this game is fun to play alone but is even better with friends! 





Meet Massive Monster!

Massive Monster is the quirky, colorful mind behind The Adventure Pals. While The Adventure Pals is their first game for Steam and consoles, they are pretty popular in the flash game industry.  Their current project has given them the opportunity to see what they can really do, and they are taking that challenge head on! When asked about the main difference between this and flash game, Jay said, “It’s bigger, its way prettier and its had a lot more love go in to it then anything else we’ve ever done. This is a game we have wanted to make, and a story we have waned to tell for a long time and now we are getting that opportunity and so we are giving it everything we have.”

Jay, the lead programmer, and Julian, the artist, along with some other musicians, artists, and programmers have worked really hard for 3 years to make this dream a reality. This team wants to bring bright, colorful games full of lovable, huggable characters to the world that will make you want to say, “Heck yeah!”. Jay had this to say to all of you Indie lovers:

I want the world to know that Massive Monster is here to stay, we’ll be creating games that will make you sit up and go ‘heck yeah!’. Bright, colourful games full of life, energy and excitement. We want everything we do to make to make people say ‘awesome’ and create characters you just want to hug! We’ve been working so hard on The Adventure Pals, we’ve been through so much to get to where we are at the moment and we have poured so much of ourselves in to the game that I hope when it comes out people will go and play it and have a blast! Thanks for taking the time to read this and if anyone ever wants to say hi please just reach out – we’d love to meet anyone who’s interested in what we are doing. Thanks! 

Final Thoughts

These guys are SO passionate about their project and what they do. When someone puts so much love and passion into a project, it isn’t hard to gain excitement. People are obviously excited since their Kickstarter was funded 100%. The fun, bright, ridiculousness of this game is totally up my alley, and after talking to Jay, I am even more excited! If you ever get the opportunity to talk to Massive Monster, please do! They are so thankful to be doing what they love and are so thankful for those who take an interest. Definitely keep an eye on their Twitter for updates on The Adventure Pals. 


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