Ever since the release of Forza Horizon 3, there have been numerous reports of poor performance on the PC side of things. Stuttering, hitching, and low frame rates have some of the usual complaints. I can’t say that I’ve experienced this as I did record multiple gameplay videos and I while I didn’t experience any stuttering, I did experience some lower than expected frame rates. Especially for the amount of power I have in my gaming rig, I felt that my gameplay should have been much better.

Thankfully, it looks that Turn 10 Studios isn’t treating this lightly and has approached the Forza subreddit (/r/forza) to provide examples of the poor performance that has been observed. 


If you’ve experienced lower than expected experience with Forza Horizon 3, make sure you drop by the Forza Subreddit and just note what issues you’re seeing, as well as your computer specs, in-game settings and what you’ve tried so far to try and correct those issues.

Turn 10 Studios is definitely watching and reading regarding the issues and that’s a good sign. Hopefully, we’ll see a patch that addresses the issues fairly soon.

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