That Sonic the Hedgehog is an interesting character. First, he gave us some of the best gaming has to offer, then some of the worst and back again. Now, with a new Sonic game in development, that pesky Hedgehog wants to know if we’d be down on purchasing a Collector’s Edition that features him. More specifically, a Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition. Now, that’s not saying that this is officially announced or anything, but if Sega is asking if we’d buy it, you damn well better be sure to answer the poll.

To can do that below or head on over to the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter page here.

And hell yes, Sonic, I’d buy that in a heartbeat. So we can stop beating around the bush and make it so? Sonic Mania is set for an early 2017 release on PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One and PC.

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