Pokemon Uranium Team Calls It Quits

Sadly, the team that brought us Pokemon Uranium has finally laid the project to rest. The team made a statement on Twitter stating they will no longer provide support or updates for the game, and their official website has been closed. 


For those of you living under a rock, Pokemon Uranium was a fan project nine years in the making. The game provided a new region and a slew of new Pokemon all affected by radiation. This game also provided a unique back story that other Pokemon games have lacked in the past. The developers had this to say in their statement:

“Unfortunately, as Pokemon Uranium is a fan game, there is a limit to how far projects such as these can go. We are therefore ceasing development on this project. As such, we, the creators of the game, will no longer be offering game downloads, updates, online services, or support for Pokemon Uranium.

“We’re immensely flattered and overwhelmed by the response that this game has received – but now is the time for us to move on to future efforts. We hope that all of you will continue to be passionate about Pokemon, and join us in celebrating the 20th anniversary with joy and love.”

Hopefully, this isn’t the last we see of this team in the future! 


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