One of the blessings of Pokemon GO, is the fact that the game is basically everywhere in the world. As you walk around and encounter Pokemon, battle gyms, and go to Pokestops.

However, this openness has caused many problems for people. As gyms, Pokestops, and other things were set up without consulting people. Thus, there has been many instances of trespassing, vandalism, and other things caused by Pokemon GO players. Other times, players go to an area that is used for critical operations, like a hospital, and roam the halls searching for Pokemon.

This has lead to now 72 complaints being filed to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) since the games launch. Many of which are filed to Niantic, who developed the game, or to Nintendo and the Pokemon Company.

The complaints are numerous, so reports Polygon, and range from Trespassing, to loitering, and more. Below you can read some of the complaint statements:

“We are a small hospital in Oregon and Nintendo Pokemon Go players are descending on our halls and asking to go into private areas to take pictures and get their game points. In the process, they may see our patients in rooms and halls. Our hospital works to carefully protect patient privacy and is in a dilemma, protect privacy versus public service. We ask that Nintendo NOT allow hospitals or clinics to listed as sites where anyone may locate a Pokemon target.”

Here’s one with a more physical detriment:

“We have Pokemon Go players showing up at a house that does not play at all,” wrote one complainant. “We do not participate, downloaded etc. PLZ remove the address. for others that do. It appears that our gmail account was used incorrectly for others to participate and use this address.. It has cause anxiety (panic attacks) which causes physical intervention from Life Alert.”

The list goes on, and it’s unclear how these will be handled as they grow more and more numerous. We’ll keep you posted.

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