NX Has Begun Production

The mystery of what the Nintendo NX is is something many fans and even critics want an answer to soon. There have been a variety of rumors about what the console is, what it is, what the controller will be like, etc. Yet, no definitive pictures have emerged, and with each passing event or Nintendo Direct, Nintendo isn’t giving any answers. Save for that it will launch next March.

However, a new report from Business Insider proves we may be on the verge of a big news break. As they report that the Taiwanese manufacturing company Foxconn is beginning trial production of the NX. What does this mean? Well, it means that NX’s are being made to see how they stack up quality wise, to ensure there are no major hardware faults before going into mass production and being sold in stores. this is done for every console, as a massive error right off the bat of a launch could be disastrous for the publishing company.

With that in mind, and knowing we’re heading into the holiday season soon, this could be the final marker in the race to find out what the NX. Of course, only Nintendo knows where the finish line is.

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Todd Black

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