New Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer Reveals More Details!

We have entered the “two months away” mark for Pokemon Sun and Moon. Yet even with that, Nintendo and the Pokemon Company aren’t stopping with news about their upcoming titles.

A new trailer has arrived, and with it comes new info, Pokemon reveals, and version exclusive evolutions.

In the new Pokemon department, we were shown Passimian, who will be exclusive to Pokemon Sun, as well as Oranguru, who will be in Pokemon Moon. Also, adding to the special “cycles” of the game, the Pokemon Rockruff will have a different evolution depending on which version you get. The Pokemon, Lycanroc, not only looks and acts differently, but wll be different in other ways as well. Not only that, but there were new Z-Moves revealed in the trailer for Pikachu and Eevee, ones that perfectly suit the popular Pokemon. 

Speaking of custom moves, your trainer will have option looks to choose from in the new games, as you’l be able to customize your trainer like never before in both looks and outfits. Finally, a new mini-game called “Pokemon Refresh was revealed. It’s purpose? Well, here’s the official description from the Pokemon website!

“Use the Pokémon Refresh feature to care for your Pokémon. After a battle, Pokémon sometimes end up all dirty. When that happens, you can take care of them and get them all cleaned up. By caring for your Pokémon, you can also cure status conditions like poisoning and paralysis that were inflicted on your Pokémon in battle.

Pokémon that have grown very affectionate, thanks to petting them a lot and feeding them their beloved Poké Beans, will battle to the utmost for you. Sometimes they’ll avoid attacks from opposing Pokémon—and even hold out when they’re on the verge of fainting. Take good care of your Pokémon with Pokémon Refresh, and they’ll be great allies on your adventure!”

Pokemon Sun and Moon arrive on 3DS November 18th.

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