Indie Spotlight: The Rabbit and The Owl

So Close and Yet So Far

There is nothing more heartbreaking than wanting to be with someone but being kept apart. What motivates gamers in games like Entwined or Journey is to make a connection for those separated in the game; The Rabbit and The Owl provides this same motivation. In The Rabbit and The Owl, the once bright and vivid world of Yril is now a shadow of its former self. You will guide The Rabbit and The Owl through different landscapes toward Mt. Rulnar. 

The game uses a negative space landscape in which The Rabbit occupies the dark space and The Owl occupies the white space. In this puzzle platformer, it is crucial to play around with your environment. Despite their separation, they must work together to manipulate their world so they can both access their specific goals. 






Introducing Formal Sheep!

Formal Sheep is a small group based out of Sacramento, California who are hoping to make a splash in the gaming community. The crew consists of Gary (lead programmer), Justin (level design), David and Patrick (composers), Andrew (lead artist), and Topher (sound designer). The team was brought together through mostly random circumstance, and they have worked together to provide a surreal experience. The Rabbit and the Owl is there first fully produced game, and the concept was discovered by mistake. While working on and testing another game, Gary “felt like the white background was actually the “platform” the character should be standing on so that was how the idea was first born.”

They have puts all of their efforts into The Rabbit and The Owl since August 2015 and they are hoping to release it in April 2017 on PC. They have started a KickStarter for their project and it still has a few more days! So, if you’re interested in what you’re seeing, make sure to contribute!

Final Thoughts 

First off, I am a total sucker for games like this. It’s artistic and compelling and I will do everything in my power to unite these kindred spirits! I can’t wait to see everything Formal Sheep and The Rabbit and The Owl have to offer! Once again, go check out their KickStarter and follow Formal Sheep on Twitter for all of the updates. 

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