Gamestop cutting off PlayStation 4 Pro pre-orders this week

If you’re looking to get your pre-order in for the PlayStation 4 Pro, Gamestop may be out of the picture if you wait past this week. Confirmed by several Gamestop managers and employees, the store will stop taking PlayStation 4 Pro pre-orders as of 9/15/2016, which is this upcoming Thursday. Keep in mind that if you do plan on pre-ordering, you’ll need to plunk down $50 to place your hold.

There’s no official word if and  when Gamestop will hold it’s trade-in special for the original PlayStation 4, but it has been hinted that there will be one. Likely prior to the released of the PlayStation 4 Pro.


The PlayStation 4 Pro is the upcoming hardware revision for the PlayStation 4. Boosting 4K, HDR streaming abilities, as well as some extra horsepower under the hood for upcoming PlayStation 4 titles / PlayStation VR. The system will be released on November 10, 2016, and will cost $399.99.

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