Friday the 13th: The Game Brought the Gore at PAX West

Children of the 80’s and horror fans of all ages; rejoice. Jason Voorhees is back and is coming for you and your friends in Friday the 13th: The Game on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. At Pax West, Gun Media decided to bring the gore and release a trailer that’s basically a highlight reel of Jason’s best kills set to some rocking 80’s tunes. (And yes, that’s as amazing as it sounds.) I will warn you, if you’re squeamish I’d probably avoid viewing the trailer below. Being an avid horror gamer myself, even I was a tiny bit disturbed.

This game is going to focus heavily on multiplayer gameplay. You and your friends can play as classic archetypes like “The Jock” or “The Girl Next Door”. You can also decide to pick up the machete yourself and play as Jason for the first time ever. Friday the 13th: The Game started off as “Slasher Volume 1: Summer Camp” until Gun was given the rights to Friday the 13th for free. After that, it evolved into a full fledged Jason game. The right holders believe in this game so much that the games team includes people who actually worked on the movies including their composer and make-up artist. The game makers stressed the importance of making this truly feel like a part of the Friday the 13th family. 


After meeting its Kickstarter goal, the game is now set to release in October of this year. Perfect timing, right? Follow them on Twitter @Friday13thGame to stay up to date!





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